We accelerate the development of applications through funding, technology and marketing expertise, as well as a unique eco system that accelerates user acquisition assisting technology developers.

The Company


AppSwarm Inc. (SWRM.PK) is a publicly traded OTC company restructured in late 2015; creating successful software technology developers team for the development of unique software platforms and mobile apps focused in rapid growth sectors within business enterprise, E-commerce and retail, and the gaming industry. The team has a record in development of software for gaming and entertainment platforms, as well as business platforms that offer leading edge performance.

Technology developers

Mobile app development is a little different from general software technology development. Because resources such as memory, compute cycles, storage and bandwidth are both scarce and precious on mobile platforms, most significant mobile app development occurs within the context of some mobile development platform or another.

We get involved with technology developers who have a phenomenal product close to launch.

The average cost to make an app ranges from $80K – $250K+, depending on what type of app you want to create: Simple apps cost up to $80,000. Basic database apps cost between $100,000 – $150,000.  Financial barriers for entry for small technology developers with limited access to funding and critical business expertise is a problem we strive to solve.

Many technology developers and creative thinkers have great ideas but don’t understand the business of launching an app or marketing their product. 

We help qualify technology developers mobile apps by thoroughly testing engagement, retention and monetization. We then accelerate the development through funding, technology and marketing expertise, as well as a unique eco system that accelerates user acquisition.

AppSwarm offers the benefits from the support of a solid business management and technology developers team with access to capital. Joint-venture efforts will be brought forward in this division where our services and software platforms enhance our partner’s efforts creating shared profitability.