AppSwarm Corp (SWRM.PK) is a publicly traded OTC company

Who Are We?

AppSwarm Corp (ticker SWRM) is a publicly traded OTC company that focuses on accelerating the development of applications by providing funding, technology, and marketing expertise. AppSwarm’s primary focus is on developing unique software platforms and mobile apps for rapid growth sectors such as business enterprise, e-commerce and retail, blockchain, and the gaming industry.

The team at AppSwarm Corp has a proven track record in developing software for gaming and entertainment platforms, as well as business platforms that offer leading-edge performance. With their expertise in software development and their focus on high-growth sectors, AppSwarm Corp aims to provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions to their clients.


IOT Approved

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What Makes Us Different?

One Stop Solution for Your Business Requirements.

AppSwarm offers the benefits from the support of a solid business management and technology developers team with access to capital. Joint-venture efforts will be brought forward in this division where our services and software platforms may enhance our partner’s efforts creating shared profitability.

  • Digital marketing consulting.
  • Software development consulting and contracting
  • Market ready white labeled products
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