We accelerate the development of mobile apps, baking in both a user acquisition and monetization strategy as part of the business before launching.

Large global mobile game companies have created almost impossible barriers to entry for small developers with limited access to funding and critical business expertise. We solve that problem. Many developers and creative thinkers have great ideas but don’t understand the business of launching an app or marketing their product. They often launch without a user acquisition strategy and in many cases without a revenue model. The fortunate developers that manage to get funded all too often attempt to fix customer acquisition and monetization problems post launch but end up accelerating the burn rate, entering into a constant ‘hands out’ funding spiral, and eventually failing.

The combination of understanding the games you’re operating, the audiences playing them, and the process to connect the two, all at the highest level in the industry, leads to success.

We’re not just an incubator. We get involved with developers who have a phenomenal product close to launch.

Since user experience and the target audience are critical to success, we qualify candidate mobile apps by thoroughly testing engagement, retention, virality and monetization. We then accelerate the development through funding, technology and marketing expertise, as well as a unique eco system that accelerates user acquisition.

Our product focus includes casual games, casino, mobile RPG and winner take all.

Write us a clean pitch deck on your app!

We like clarity and simplicity when reviewing submissions. That means compressing the meaningful into as few words and pictures as possible. Providing the following information (with a low slide count) is perfect.

1. Define the purpose of your app in a single declarative sentence.

2. Tell us about the uniqueness or magic of your app?

3. How do you attract users? Do you have any yet and if so, how many?

4. How much have you invested so far?

5. What stage of development are you at?
Phase 1 – Concept only
Phase 2 – Minimum viable product
Phase 3 – Working prototype
Phase 4 – In the app stores
Phase 5 – Making money
Phase 6 – I’m the next Mark Zuckerberg – take my call!

6. Tell us about the technology behind your app, how does it work and how did you test it? Is it protected through patents?

7. Define the history of the market with regards to recent trends that make the timing of your entry possible. What is the market potential for your app? If you can, tell us the TAM (total available market), SAM (serviceable available market), SOM (serviceable obtainable market).

8. Who are your competitors and what is your killer advantage?

9. How do you make money? What is your revenue model? Have you made any money to date?

10. What are your biggest challenges in the short term (the coming months) and long-term (the next 1 to 2 years)?

11. Tell us about the founders, your key executives and management, and who helps with advice.

12. If available, include your current P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements, along with your current cap table and the term sheet for your deal.

13. Do you have any other partners? Have you licensed the app to anyone in the past? Have you entered into any broker or 3rd party agreements?

14. What are you looking for? For example: joint venture, buyout, partnership, shares, royalty?

15. Tell us where you’re located and the best way to get a hold of you.

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