Why invest now?

Until now, regular investors have been locked-out of the pre-IPO, multi-billion dollar mobile app and game industry, which is dominated by billionaire investors and venture capital firms.

Although there are around 20 publicly traded mobile game companies, there are few if any focused on mobile app and game funding, development, and marketing through partnerships with game developers. This offers regular investors a chance to participate in a huge and rapidly growing industry.

Our product focus includes casual games, casino, mobile RPG and winner take all.


The Global Games Market

  • Mobile gaming will generate $46.1 billion this year, or 42% of all global game revenues.
  • Mobile takes $36.9 billion, up 21.3% globally.
  • Mobile expected to grow, eventually reaching $52.5 billion in 2019.
  • From 2003 to 2018 mobile CAGR: 31%.

Source: Newzoo Q2 2016 update, Global Games Market Report

2017 Global Games Market

Per region with year-on-year growth rates


2015 – 2019 Global Games Market

Forecast per segment toward 2019


Source: Source: Newzoo Q2 2016 update, Global Games Market Report

Business Model

We’ve developed a proprietary process we call the “Swarm” which centers on engagement, retention, virality, and monetization. Our Swarm approach provides us 4 synergistic revenue streams that complement our merger and acquisition strategy.

4 Key revenue streams

1. Incubation of apps with services that can include; completion of concept and development, market analysis and taking the product to market, business and financial management, direct sales and marketing efforts.

2. Social game development from internally developed concepts to purchase and redevelopment of existing proven gaming applications

3. Casino and RPG (movie themed) applications, which is a unique specialty niche that our team offers large studio relationships ( Sony & MGM) and years of experience in developing these highend projects and taking them successfully to profit

4. Partnership projects where we can provide technology expertise and to market expertise, and / or financial and operational management where our skills assure correct product application and expedient “to market” with cost efficiency


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