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E-Delivery comes with emerging features and is developed with an on-demand delivery tech stack. E-Delivery is the finest solution that supports all operations and delivers an amazing experience to customers and improves business standards.

Manage Your Business Operations Better With E-Delivery

Stepping into the more than $ 12 billion growing delivery business with robust solutions. AppSwarm introduces you to an excellent all-in-one delivery app solution to handle your delivery tasks efficiently. With its interactive and user-centric features, E-Delivery corroborates to provide a gratifying end user’s experience, resulting in rapid business growth.

E-Delivery App - Appswarm

How Does E-Delivery Work?

Following a customer-centric approach, our E-Delivery App Solution Automates Ordering Tasks:

  • Choose the Product Type
  • Search for Nearby Store/ Providers
  • Order According to Needs
  • Pay for the Delivery Services
  • Delivery Arrives at Your Location

What We Include In Our E-Delivery App

User Android & iOS Application

Provider Android & iOS Application

Store Android & iOS Application

User Console

Store Console

Admin Console

E-delivery app features

Introducing All New 2023 Features In E-Delivery

Bring Change

While choosing a payment method as cash payment, users can select "Bring Change," which notifies deliverymen to bring change (like coins) so as to settle the payments in cash.

Access to Website

Website is the preview of the platform that asks users to enter their location and then can get the store listings, which also ensure that users will land to the ordering panel without any landing page issue.

Modifier Association

Modifier groups will be associated with each other; stores can set the availability of the items based on the modifiers and set a price accordingly.

Scan QR Code

Stores can offer users QR codes which they can scan and access the menu. It allows them to browse all items, add them to the cart, place an order and pay consecutively.

Menu View Option

Stores will be able to decide to allow users to view two options on the customer side. Customers can select from row view or grid view.

Set Privacy and Terms of Services

Admin can set privacy policies and terms of services for users, stores, and deliverymen as per their norms and set regulations they maintain in the business.

New Payment Gateways

In all the modules, a new payment gateway is integrated - Paystack. Also, one more gateway will soon be integrated named PayU. These would give users the privilege to desire a gateway.

Favorite Address

Users can set their favorite address(s) for delivery, which they can choose while ordering from the app. This list of favorite addresses is accessed with the same credentials from any device.

SEO Pages

Admins can now add meta tags for the website (user panel) to rank in the search engines, setting multiple and desired tags for the website and updating them anytime.

Increase Modifiers Quantity

While ordering, customers can increase the quality of the modifier(s) for an item they select and based on which the price will vary

Reserve Table

While browsing for the stores, users can reserve a table in the dining hall of a store entering the table number and seats, followed by ordering and payment, which are also optional.

Repeat/Customize Item While Ordering

Customers can select the same items while they are ordering from the store, choosing to repeat the same modifiers or can also customize them.

Multi Tax System

Admins and stores have access to multiple tax systems; the price of the items and services varies based on different factors like country and category. Admins can update them whenever required.

Stores Can Print Invoice

The generated invoices of the orders can be directly linked to the printer via a virtual network called Bluetooth from the app, which allows the stores to print them instantly

Premier Features of E-Delivery 

Essential Features of E-Delivery That Makes It One of the Best Applications on the Market Today

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