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White Label Crypto Exchange Software Complete with All the Essential Features and Functionalities.

What is an Enance – A Crypto Exchange Software?

Enance is a white-label crypto exchange software that enables seamless trading, listing, and delisting of cryptocurrencies. Designed for businesses in the decentralized financial industry, it disrupts emerging trends with its scalable, fully secure, and liquidity-ready platform, tailored for crypto trading. The software offers a range of trading options, including P2P, Margin, Strategy, Swap farming, and more.

Additionally, Enance incorporates essential technology-driven attributes capable of supporting all operations involving a variety of token assets. Business administrators can efficiently manage all services and activities through an illustrative dashboard. For emerging businesses targeting the crypto exchange industry and seeking substantial profits, Enance is the ideal choice.

Enter the thriving crypto exchange industry with Enance ready to launch in the market.

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Enance – A Cutting-Edge White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Explore the Various Modules Incorporated in Enance, the Comprehensive White Label Crypto Exchange Software.

User App

An Advanced App Solution to Fulfill All Your Customers’ Requirements

Load & Withdraw Balance

Users can easily add cryptocurrencies or fiat money to their e-wallets and also withdraw funds from their wallet balance to a third-party wallet.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

To ensure security, users are required to submit ID proofs and other security documents within the platform, which are then verified by the admin.

Market Analysis

Users receive real-time updates on all cryptocurrencies, complete with detailed charts for analysis, enabling them to make informed trading decisions.

Referral Rewards

Users have the opportunity to share their referral ID with new users, connecting them to the platform and earning profits as set by the admin.

User Panel

Multiple Trading Options

Users can enjoy various trading types, including P2P, margin, and limit trading, allowing seamless trading even in high volumes.

Trade History

The app stores users’ trade histories, including orders, transactions, balances, and more, providing a comprehensive record of their trading activities.

Liquidity Integration

Enance offers liquidity integration with API, market, and volume bots, ensuring ample liquidity provisions for the exchange platform.

Payment Gateways

User modules of Enance are integrated with multiple payment gateways, enhancing and securing the trading experience for users.

Admin Panel

Trading Fee Management

Admin has the authority to set trading fees for all currencies and trading types, with the flexibility to edit them as needed.

User Account Details

Admin can access and review all user account details, including names, emails, contact numbers, and KYC documents.

Trade Modes Statistics

Admin receives comprehensive statistics for various trading methods, allowing for separate usability analyses.

Edit Web Content

Admin can effortlessly edit the content of the user web app through the panel, updating features and conditions as required.

White Label Crypto Exchange Software – How It Works?

Cryptocurrency trading is an emerging concept that might seem unfamiliar to some. Enance offers a prebuilt white label cryptocurrency exchange software that simplifies the trading process, enabling users to maximize profits effortlessly.

  • User Registration: Users can easily register on the platform by providing the necessary details and undergo a two-factor authentication process for added security.
  • KYC Verification: After successful registration, users complete the KYC process, gaining access to their e-wallet, which is linked to their bank details. They can then deposit fiat money or crypto coins.
  • Multiple Trading Options: Enance provides users with a variety of secure and swift trading options from the methods incorporated by the admin, offering a seamless trading experience.

Why Choose AppSwarm’s Enance?

Choose AppSwarm’s Enance for the Following Benefits in Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

Multi-lingual Access

Enance offers multiple language support, ensuring effortless usage and seamless communication between traders from different regions.

High Volume Liquidity

With Enance, high-volume liquidity options are available, making it an efficient crypto exchange platform for users.

Robust Security Features

Enance is equipped with multiple security features, ensuring a safe and secure environment for both users and admins to maximize benefits

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard provides a detailed analysis of all currencies, trading types, users, and markets, offering real-time updates for informed decision-making.

Multiple OS Integration

Enance’s script is built with support for multiple operating systems, enabling users to access the app conveniently from any device.

Best Technology Stack

Enance is developed using the best technology stack, ensuring trending and effective solutions that make customization and maintenance effortless.

Notable Features of White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

The white-label crypto exchange platform has numerous considerable features integrated.

IEO LaunchPad

The platform includes an IEO launchpad, enabling the launch of new currencies, profit generation, and raising funds for business projects.

Crypto Staking

Users have the option to stake cryptocurrencies, generating passive income through the digital assets within the ecosystem.

Referral Program

A referral code is generated for each new user, allowing them to invite others to join the network and earn rewards for their efforts.

Bounty and Airdrops

White-listed crypto traders receive airdrops when they complete specific tasks aimed at raising awareness of a project.

Develop a Multiple Crypto Exchange Platform with Enance

Leverage AppSwarm’s Enance, a highly functional white label crypto exchange platform built with the most intuitive and advanced technology stack.

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