On Demand Taxi Booking App

Are you ready to take your taxi business to new heights? Look no further! Our on-demand taxi booking app is designed to elevate your business by providing a seamless and efficient platform for both drivers and passengers. Our app is equipped with the latest innovative features to enhance the user experience and streamline operations. From easy booking to real-time tracking, we’ve got you covered.

What is an On-demand Taxi Booking App? Why Should You Adopt the Platform?

Today, mobile apps play a vital role in meeting the demands of businesses, thanks to their excellent tech stack implementation. Taxi-hailing enterprises are capitalizing on digital platforms, effortlessly expanding their business boundaries.

At AppSwarm, we offer a brilliant mobility solution that can be tailored to suit businesses of any size, unlocking multiple avenues for earning. Our team develops taxi booking app scripts with the latest tech stack, enabling you to effortlessly launch your apps on application stores.

The on-demand taxi booking app serves as a platform that provides online services to both users and ride-hailing companies. Customers can conveniently book rides through their smartphones, while drivers receive ride requests through an app or panel, and taxi management niches can efficiently handle business tasks online.

Unique Selling Points Of Our Taxi Booking Application

Convenient Ride-Hailing Feature

Our customers enjoy the convenience of scheduling rides according to their preferences. They can make quick bookings or utilize the “book-later” feature to schedule services based on their specific requirements.

Facility Of VoIP Calling

With our extraordinary voice-over IP calling option, riders and drivers can communicate internally. Whether the driver needs assistance with the location or the rider wants to check their current status, they can communicate within the application without sharing personal phone numbers.

Save Payment Details For Easy Checkout

Both corporate employees and individuals can add and save their debit/credit card details for seamless transactions. Modifying payment details are also possible, ensuring a quick and hassle-free checkout process and enhancing the overall customer booking experience.

Within An App Chat Option

Once a ride is booked successfully, customers and chauffeurs can interact through in-app chat. They can discuss ride requirements and updates, making it easy for customers to track their driver’s location and receive real-time information.

Gender-Specific Preference

Our customers have the option to choose gender-specific preferences for their drivers, such as female drivers, for enhanced comfort and safety.

Customer Can Mark their Favourite Location

Frequent app users or travelers can mark and save favorite addresses in the user application, like home and office addresses. This feature streamlines the booking process and eliminates the need to type the same addresses repeatedly.

Easy Allocation Of Commission

Admins have the authority to set commission rates based on the driver’s total rides. They can also monitor and manage driver payout activities, allowing them to track all financial transactions and calculate due amounts for drivers and partners.

Manage Tariffs

Our specially designed feature empowers admins to manage rates and prices according to their needs. They can apply surge pricing for hot destinations during peak hours, maximizing their return on investment.

Auxiliary Features

Premium auxiliary features of our Taxi Booking Application

Special Ride Requests

Our app enables customers to make special ride requests for disabled individuals and newborn babies, ensuring their special needs are accommodated.

Multiple Pickup & Drop

Customers can pick multiple pickup options and invite their friends to join them on a shared ride.

Manage Geo-Fence Location

Using geofencing technology, the feature empowers admins to restrict their services to specific areas within a region.

Real-time Currency Exchange

Customers can conveniently view real-time currency exchange rates and make payments using their desired currency.

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Modules Crafted By Our On Demand Taxi Booking App

With our on demand taxi booking app we provide you an advanced tech solution consisting of several modules enhancing the level of excellence for your taxi-hailing business.

User Application

Allow your customers to relish a seamless ride-booking experience.

Live Tracking

Our customers can enjoy the convenience of real-time driver location tracking, providing them with accurate estimated time of arrival (ETAs).

Easy Registration

Users have the option to sign up effortlessly using their social media profiles, phone numbers, or email.

Refer A Friend

Customers can participate in our referral program and earn money by referring friends. The program offers benefits as set by the admin.

Call Masking

Both riders and drivers can communicate with each other securely without revealing their personal phone numbers through our call masking feature.

Driver App

Introducing a scalable application for drivers to effortlessly manage ride requests.

Availability Status

Our drivers have the flexibility to set their availability status for the day directly within the application.

Customer Ratings

Drivers have the opportunity to rate customers based on their behavior and other relevant parameters, ensuring a valuable feedback loop.

Heat Map Chart

Drivers can conveniently access a heat map chart to choose ride requests from areas with higher demand.

Verify Identity

Drivers can easily verify their documents by the admin, ensuring a secure and reliable platform for drivers and customers.

Admin Dashboard

Manage your whole taxi booking system in one place.

Change Theme

Admin can change the theme color instantly and customize the menu as per their wish.

Earning Details

Analyze earnings details in the form of a chart and analyze admin and drivers’ profits in the dashboard.

Manage Bookings

Admin can view and filter all the completed, pending, canceled bookings with ease.


Admin can analyze reviews and ratings from customers and drivers about their experience.

Dispatcher Console

Achieve Increased Business Possibilities with Advanced Features.

Bird’s View

Dispatchers can have a comprehensive overview of all registered drivers, locations, and other relevant details through a single application.

Manual Bookings

In case of emergencies, customers have the option to directly call the dispatcher for manual bookings, ensuring swift assistance.

Track Location

Dispatchers can effortlessly monitor and track each ride’s location using the GPS integrated into the panel.

Manage Fleets

With this feature, dispatchers can efficiently manage their fleets based on their capacity, optimizing their operations.

Partner Dashboard

Unleash the potential of your passion and turn it into profitable ventures with the help of our exceptional panel.

Driver Management

The partner has all the rights to manage drivers and view their details such as ride, availability, earning, etc.


A partner can generate various accounting reports about their earnings and transactions within the application.

Manage Vehicle Services

Partners can manage types of services like SUVs, sedans, and other details easily within the panel.

Scheduled Trip Requests

The trips scheduled by the customers are listed in a separate sheet, which has all trip data.

User Panel

Allow your users to request a ride from the website.

Fare Estimation

Users can obtain a free fare estimation for their trip based on the distance, providing transparency and convenience.

Real-time Alert

Riders receive instant notifications and real-time alerts for every update regarding their ride, ensuring they stay informed throughout the journey.

Ride Cancellation

If riders decide to cancel their ride, the amount will be credited to their wallet, offering a hassle-free cancellation process.

Past Rides

Riders can easily view and manage the status of their previous rides, giving them access to their ride history and details.

Driver Panel

The driver panel is specifically designed to manage the rides within it.

Update Personal Details

Drivers have the ability to update and modify their personal information, including bank and other relevant details.

In-App Navigation

Both customers and drivers can track their live status during the ride using the in-built navigation system.

Tips To Drivers

Customers can offer tips to drivers, and the amount will be directly credited to the drivers’ accounts.

In-app Payment

Service providers can conveniently view and generate reports of their earnings using the driver’s application.

Corporate Console

Efficiently manage your corporate expenses from a centralized platform.

Group Creation

Company owners can easily arrange rides for their employees using the corporate panel, allowing them to efficiently manage the employees and their payments.

Edit Group

Corporate heads have full control over managing their employees within the group, with the ability to add or remove employees as needed.

Payment Options

Corporates can make direct payments on behalf of their employees using credit/debit cards, simplifying the payment process.

Vehicle Type

Corporates have the option to choose the appropriate vehicle type, such as sedan or SUV, based on the number of employees requiring transportation.

Discover the apps and panels that can streamline the operations of your taxi business.

Customer App

The customer app offers social media log-in, streamlining the registration process and enabling users to easily book a ride.

Driver App

The driver app is equipped with all the essential features to efficiently provide rides.

Admin Panel

The admin panel allows easy access to all user data and enables editing whenever necessary based on requirements.

Dispatcher Panel

The dispatcher panel facilitates taxi dispatching tasks with advanced features.

Partner Panel

Extend your business with the help of partners who can perform various business tasks.

Corporate Panel

Conduct corporate rides business from a panel overseeing all business tasks.

User Panel

The user panel has similar features to the app, allowing users to seamlessly book a ride.

Driver Panel

The driver panel has similar features to the app, enabling drivers to seamlessly manage ride requests.

Launch Your On Demand Taxi Booking App Successfully

If you need help with revamping your taxi business, worry not! We’re here with our best solutions to enhance your customer experience and propel your business forward with custom-tailored apps.

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