Eswap – White Label Decentralized Crypto Exchange Software

Offer your customers a real-time crypto trading experience with Eswap, a decentralized crypto exchange software that boasts high-end performance, secure transactions, and a scalable script.

What is Eswap – White Label Decentralized Exchange Software?

Eswap is a pre-built decentralized exchange software that securely enables peer-to-peer trading of crypto assets without intermediaries. It offers a robust platform with cutting-edge technology, ensuring safe trading and transactions through soft wallets, multiple crypto wallets, atomic swaps, and more.

With comprehensive features supporting DeFi trade and the unique aspects of the DEX platform, Eswap is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to launch their platforms in multiple regions. Our decentralized exchange software is designed to facilitate all aspects of business growth cost-effectively.

Inclusive Set of Features in Decentralized Exchange Software

The decentralized exchange software has a set of amazing features and functionalities.

Smart Contract Integration

The app operates on smart contracts, ensuring all transactions are recorded and enabling complete automation.

Anonymous Trading

ID verification is not mandatory, allowing for non-traceable trading. Instead, public wallet addresses fulfill identification requirements.

Order and User Details

Order and user details are retrieved from blockchain records, providing the admin with valuable data for analysis.

Language Preferences

Users can select from various language preferences to conveniently exchange cryptocurrencies on the decentralized platform.

Own Custody

Traders can retain their private keys, acting as the custodians of their tokens/assets and facilitating direct trading with high liquidity pools.

Transaction History

Users have access to a comprehensive transaction history, storing all details such as price, coins, and peers, which can be referred to at any time.

Explore the Modules of a Decentralized Crypto Exchange Software

Discover the key modules of the decentralized crypto exchange software, encompassing all essential attributes.

User Panel

Advanced App Solution Designed to Satisfy All Your Customers’ Requirements

Instant Registration

Users can register on the decentralized platform instantly without the need for KYC or approval from a central authority.

Connect Multiple Wallets

Users can easily connect their wallets to the decentralized exchange platform from third-party platforms like Metamask, TrustWallet, Exodus, etc.

Comprehensive Charts

Users have access to comprehensive charts, enabling them to analyze cryptocurrency prices for different time ranges and various attributes.

Add Liquidity

The platform utilizes smart contracts that utilize pre-funded pools of assets known as liquidity pools.

Explore More Features

Admin Panel

Multi-Vendor Grocery Script to Manage Your Delivery Business Systematically

Users List and Balance

Admin can access the list of all users and check their details and wallet balances as needed.

User Interface Management

From the admin panel, the admin can efficiently manage features on the user’s side, such as registering details, language integration, and more.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The admin dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of volumes, swaps, users, and other essential details pertaining to the decentralized exchanges.

Trade Fees Management

The admin of the decentralized crypto exchange software has the authority to set exchange fees for traders and can modify them as required.

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How Decentralized Exchange Platform Works for Users

A P2P decentralized exchange operates trades through smart contracts and on-chain transactions. Unlike centralized crypto exchanges, where users do not have full custody of their assets and funds, DEX operates through a third-party wallet connected to the exchange platform, which individuals entirely own. Eswap, a decentralized exchange platform, offers a simple process for exchanging crypto assets.

  • Users can join the platform without registration or KYC process and immediately start exchanging on the decentralized exchange.
  • Users can link any external wallet as a browser extension compatible with the platform, ensuring secure storage of their assets.
  • Users can set up an order for crypto swapping exchange using signatures. This order will be recorded within the smart contract and held until a peer is willing to agree to the specified conditions.
  • The entire transaction record is stored in a smart contract, and after the crypto exchange is completed, the assets are held in the user’s wallet.

Start Your Decentralized Exchange Business with Eswap

Eswap provides an ideal ready-made script suitable for businesses of any scale, offering strong security features and smooth asset exchange. Let’s have a conversation about your venture today.

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What our clients say about us

“Eswap has revolutionized the way we manage our logistics. The secure and reliable technology used by Eswap ensures that our packages are in safe hands. It’s a fantastic product to businesses looking to streamline their decentralized crypto exchange business.”

– Coriss Ambady

“I run a business in Asia, and Eswap has been a game-changer for us. The customer support team has been responsive and helpful throughout our journey. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to growing our business with Eswap.”

– Cory Zamora

“The user-friendly interface and smooth trading experience have made it easy for our team to navigate and execute trades seamlessly. The ability to access a diverse range of cryptocurrencies has expanded our investment opportunities. Eswap is a reliable and trustworthy platform I highly recommend to fellow crypto enthusiasts.”

– Nikolas Brooten

“The liquidity provided by the platform has enabled us to execute large trades efficiently. Advanced charting and analysis tools have been instrumental in making informed investment decisions. Eswap’s customer support team has been responsive and helpful, providing timely assistance.”

– Coriss Ambady

“Eswap, the decentralized crypto exchange platform, is a top-notch solution for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform’s decentralized nature provides an added layer of security, protecting our assets from potential hacks and vulnerabilities. The seamless integration of multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens allows us to diversify our investment portfolio easily.”

– Jackie Sanders

“The robustness of the technology used by Eswap has allowed us to trade securely and confidently. The platform’s liquidity and wide range of supported cryptocurrencies have opened up numerous trading opportunities for usIt’s a reliable platform that I recommend to anyone seeking a safe and efficient way to trade cryptocurrencies.”

Laura Widerski

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