Multiple Services. One App.

A comprehensive multi-services platform, ESuper consists of multiple categories of services merged together to respond to all the needs of the customers.

  • Ride-hailing
    Customers can reserve rides through the app, which connects them to the ride partners.
  • Delivery
    Manage delivery requirements of consumers efficiently in a completely customizable platform.
  • Services & Appointments
    Consumers can ask for appointments from a myriad of service providers, set the duration, day, and the desired service, and pay with the desired method and also follow the service status within the app.

What we do

SWRM™ accelerates the development of applications through funding, technology and marketing expertise.

SWRM™ is a publicly traded OTC company restructured in late 2015; creating an experienced and successful team for the development of unique software platforms and mobile apps focused in rapid growth sectors within business enterprise, E-commerce and retail, and the gaming industry.

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