App Swarm Application Development Established in 2011, App Swarm™ is an application “incubation firm” dedicated to acquiring applications for all forms of devices. We actively reach out to young entrepreneurial spirited application developers who have a great idea but do not know how to effectively market their product. If we see an application that we believe has potential, we will engage the person or firm who created it and enter into either a stock purchase agreement or royalty arrangement. We have financial resources most small firms or young entrepreneurs and application developers usually do not have to market applications the most effective way possible. We utilize all forms of social marketing as well as traditional marketing to get as many eyes on the application as possible. We also have agreements in place with all of the major application stores so we can fast track your dream.

We are headquartered in Las Vegas, NV and also have a satellite office in Washington, DC. We plunged into a journey to tap the potential of mobile computing and smart phones and to become a specialist provider of end-to-end solutions in mobile applications.

App Swarm™ offers complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including Apple iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry, Google’s Android, as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. With our extensive experience in the mobile space we cannot just give you a technical hand but can be your strategic partner in leveraging this dynamic mobile world towards increased business efficiency and effectiveness. More About AppSwarm…

AppSwarm is Built a Little Differently

Turning great ideas into reality is our passion.
We saw incredible potential in the mobile computing and personal telecommunication arena and marked it as something for the future. Our team of creative thinkers, designers and technologists works together with application developers like you, to monetize your dreams. Success is in our DNA. We welcome you to join us in the technology swarm!