Who We Are

SWRM™ accelerates the development of applications through funding, technology and marketing expertise.

SWRM™ is a publicly traded OTC company restructured in late 2015; creating an experienced and successful team for the development of unique software platforms and mobile apps focused in rapid growth sectors within business enterprise, E-commerce and retail, and the gaming industry.


Hire our teams for any blockchain or smart contract development.

Meet our team

Christopher Bailey

CEO / Director

Christopher Bailey has over two decades of business experience, brand development and management in the IT and software development sectors. For the past fifteen years, Christopher’s focus has been proprietary software development that enhances business services, and digital marketing and software development for companies in the launch or emerging growth stage.

Mr. Bailey has consulted with or helped launch numerous corporate entities and as of 2013 he has been involved with all creative and management development for three publicly traded mobile application companies. As well, Mr. Bailey understands the publicly-traded company sector, having served as CEO of an emerging software development entity.

Christopher’s experience and history includes: digital marketing, e-commerce, software development, search engine optimization, website development, creative design, print – video – audio production, IT marketing consultancy, and executive management for emerging growth opportunities.

Deep Moteria

Global Business Development & Strategic Alliance Director

Mr. Moteria offers over eight years of corporate leadership in software development companies. His experience includes mobile application development, SaaS products, and on-demand based software platforms.

Deep has developed clients in over one hundred countries from; multiple start-ups to corporations such as Tesla On Call in San Francisco, HOP delivery in Switzerland, Dhaweyee in Somalia, and the Thailand Ministry of Healthcare.

Prior to devoting his time to entrepreneurship, Mr. Moteria was employed by Argusoft and Vivantech.

Deep’s vast expertise and experience covers all aspects of software delivery systems including automation and technology and matters typically required in Adroit Assistance.

Deep concentrates his efforts in providing business solutions for complex technologies with global clients and strategic partnerships.

Mr. Moteria honors his community service in such organizations that include; Google Developers Group, Open Source University. Additionally, he has been a keynote speaker at various events across the globe.

Mr. Moteria’s education includes a Bachelor of Computer Science for Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science.

Rohan Vaidya

Sales Director
Rohan has 10+ years of experience into Sales and Business Development with a strong technical background.

Brian Mansell

Hive Tech

Brian Mansell is a native New Yorker with over 25 years experience in application programming. Brian began studying computer languages and building custom computer systems at a very young age.

Brian is highly skilled in website design and marketing. In his free time he enjoys writing and producing music and is very passionate about building out recording studios.

Vivek Sonchhatra

Marketing Director
Vivek is a Digital Marketing Expert with versatile experience in the verticals of B2B, B2C, D2C brands, Ecommerce marketing. He is also a Growth Hacker and performance marketer.

Justin Siggins

Hive Tech

Justin Siggins is a native Oklahoman. He specializes in front-end web development, graphic design, branding, and creative problem-solving. He has worked in the tech industry for over 15 years in various settings, giving him a look at web development from many angles. Justin is married, addicted to jiu jitsu, and loves playing drums.