Corporate Officers

Michael LaLond

CEO / Director

Mr. LaLond has served as a corporate officer in both public and private corporations and business enterprise. Mike’s primary focus has been emerging growth entities or business reorganization opportunities. He has an extensive track record of success.

Mike offers over twenty-five years of experience in the operation of companies, business process design and improvement, implementation of analytical applications and best practices at companies ranging in size from eleven billion in annual sales to five million in annual sales. He offers executive expertise in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Budgeting, and Planning, Forecasting Financial Consolidation, Manufacturing, and Employee Development.

Mr. LaLond’s education includes a BS in Business and Education, an MS in Business Management, and a Doctorate in Business Law and Finance.

Noteworthy accomplishments include:

CFO-CEO for seven start-up companies under the umbrella of a holding company privately held by a single investor. Created the processes, designed the business models, identified the financial requirements, and managed the day-to-day financial and operational management of the seven companies.

President of a specialized polymer manufacturer. Reorganized the company, implementing new manufacturing processes, rebuilt the distributor network and worked with the chemists and research department to introduce new products with very successful results readying the company for divestiture.

Division Manager of Moorman Manufacturing, a billion-dollar annual revenue company.

After a rapid ascension through the management ranks and establishing company performance records, Mike functioned as one of seven executives to manage and reorganize a century-old company with over one and a half-billion dollars in annual sales.

Created new processes for the handling of information as part of a large reorganization for Bush Brothers (Bush Beans).

Facilitated the identification of the processes and procedures from seventy-five HR managers for the SAP implementation of an eleven-billion-dollar company. (Anheuser-Busch).

Designed training materials necessary to support SAP implementation. (Nike).

John Rabbitt

CFO / Board Director

John’s extensive and diverse background in business evolved through consistent promotion and growth within fortune 500 firms including The Pillsbury Company and PepsiCo, in addition to the CPA firm of Ernst and Ernst. This experience is enhanced by a twenty-year career with one of America’s most successful Entrepreneurs (Forbes 102nd wealthiest U.S.A. person in 2008) where John was directly involved with numerous acquisitions and served in executive capacities for several multi-national subsidiaries. John played a key role in assisting the growth of MEI Corporation from $20 million annual revenue to $850 million annual revenue in nine years, at which time it was acquired by PepsiCo.

Mr. Rabbitt has served in CEO/COO and CFO positions for firms ranging from $5,000,000 to $300,000,000 annual revenue. He also served as a member of PepsiCo’s Mid-West Advisory Board, and as a Director and

John has a proven track record in both fast–growth and turn-around environments. Previous experience includes several notable projects:

  • Barker Lemar Engineering where he was responsible for the restructuring and strategic growth of the company which resulted in 327% pre-tax growth within eight months. Served as the corporate Executive Vice President of MEI Diversified as well as Senior Executive Vice President with direct responsibility for finance, operations and strategic planning to include mergers and acquisitions for $300,000,000 annual sales and 22,000 employees.
  • Re-designed financial systems, reporting and sales / marketing for L’Anza Research International resulting in sales growth of 100% over three years while reducing cost of operation by over 20%.
  • Financial management assistance, strategic planning and merger / acquisition assistance for multiple companies that include Greater Dallas Homeland Security Alliance, Zone Innovations, The Comb Group, Exit Solutions and Power Pulse Technology.

Mr. Rabbitt’s education includes a BA in Accounting and Business from Drake University, graduate work at Xavier University in Cincinnati, and PepsiCo’s Management Institute.

Technology Team

Deep Moteria

Deep Moteria

Global Business Development & Strategic Partnership Director

Mr. Moteria offers over eight years of corporate leadership in software development companies. His experience includes mobile application development, SaaS products, and on-demand based software platforms.

Deep has developed clients in over one hundred countries from; multiple start-ups to corporations such as Tesla On Call in San Francisco, HOP delivery in Switzerland, Dhaweyee in Somalia, and the Thailand Ministry of Healthcare.

Prior to devoting his time to entrepreneurship, Mr. Moteria was employed by Argusoft and Vivantech.

Deep’s vast expertise and experience covers all aspects of software delivery systems including automation and technology and matters typically required in Adroit Assistance.

Deep concentrates his efforts in providing business solutions for complex technologies with global clients and strategic partnerships.

Mr. Moteria honors his community service in such organizations that include; Google Developers Group, Open Source University. Additionally, he has been a keynote speaker at various events across the globe.

Mr. Moteria’s education includes a Bachelor of Computer Science for Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science.

Komal Vadukiya

Komal Vadukiya

Business Analysis & Project Management Director

Komal has decades of experience in the IT industry. She has worked for Elluminati (Mobile application development company) since 2015 and her responsibilities include taking care of end to end jobs to handling inquiries, analysing technology requirements, converting business requirements to technical ones, creating solutions, resource management, project management, change management, quality and security assurance all the way to the successful delivery of a final product.

Previously she worked as a business analyst for Tata Consultancy Service and as a software developer for CIGNEX Datamatics. She has shaped her career in the IT industry by graduating in Computer Science and post-graduating with a specialisation in IT business management from Symbiosis International university with honours. Komal, can very well understand the amalgamation of both technical aspects as well business ones.

Her work brings new daily challenges to understand all aspects of the on-demand app business market as well as new and ever changing enhancements of mobile technology. She is avid reader, writer, techno freak, science and math lover and avid art enthusiast. Her curiosity to recognise the IT world and her capabilities to use both technical and management skills together, makes her the perfect choice for this job.

Vivek Sonchhatra

Vivek Sonchhatra

Digital Marketing Director

“Old Hands” in Online Marketing – Vivek has 7 years of experience in online marketing. He started the journey from personal blogging in 2012. He has spent an immense amount of time researching ways to market his blogs online and has driven this experience in learning tactics of online marketing. He has keen experience in Inbound Marketing tactics to drive clients through Sales Funnel Techniques. He has worked on over 500 google ads accounts and has ranked over 2000+ keywords in the last 2 years for industries like legal, ecommerce, health-care and on-demand. He is currently managing end-to-end online reputation and marketing for various high-revenue generating firms.
Tammy McDonald

Tammy McDonald

Media Play App Development Division Manager

Ms. McDonald offers a myriad of benefits to AppSwarm. She is an accomplished senior level executive with a 22+ year track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership within the video game software, 3D animation/cinematic, and digital media and entertainment industry. She is particularly skilled in managing multiple high-profile projects, diverse team structures and technical pipelines simultaneously to achieve maximum results. With tactical leadership, she brings a focused and effective approach to planning and financial acumen. Tammy also has extensive expertise representing game software, original and AAA brands and working with stakeholders across sales, marketing, licensing, retail and digital distribution/sales, self-publishing as well as first and third-party console providers.  Her experience in conducting due-diligence of studios for acquisition, project financing, work-for-hire and agency representation analysis makes her a natural fit for the evolution and growth of AppSwarm.

Tammy’s experience and expertise is strategic to the Media Play division focus in developing, publishing, and bringing to market gaming and entertainment projects.

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey

IAD Services Division Manager and IT Director

Christopher Bailey has over two decades in business experience, brand development and management in the IT and software development sectors. For the past fifteen-years, Christopher’s focus has been proprietary software development that enhances business services. Digital marketing and software development for companies in the launch or emerging growth stage has been Christopher’s other primary focus. Companies range from non-profits and online sales portals to social networking and tech companies. Christopher has consulted with or helped launch numerous corporate entities and as of 2013 he has been involved with all creative and management development for three publicly traded mobile application companies. As well, Mr. Bailey understands the publicly traded company sector, having served as CEO of an emerging software development entity.

Christopher’s experience and history includes: digital marketing, e-commerce, software development, search engine optimization, website development, creative design print – video – audio production, IT and marketing consultancy, and executive management for emerging growth opportunities.