Professional Services App

Customer App

Book any Professional service at your fingertips.

Provider App

Never miss a service request with a dedicated app.


E-Services App Solution


Answer any and every professional request with a smooth and seamless application. With an application that allows your users and consumers to book a service request according to their requirements and preferences, from categorized services and service providers in nearby locations. Another dedicated application for the service providers helps answer the service request in real-time and completes the service request. This is a robust solution that can enhance your business operations with the latest technologies and advanced features.

Applications Included Under E-Services App Solution


Every service request from the customer is provided a real-time response and a service provider assigned to it.


An application that assigns a service provider according to the requirement of users.


Getting your cleaning chores now gets a pair of hands to help with a service request.


Feel relaxed with a massage from hired professionals through an application on your device.

Car Wash

An application for your car that can hire a professional cleaner for all your car cleaning requirements.


Fix Broken tech items by Asking for Technicians Who Are top-rated and Can Do It in a Snap.


Finding a doctor is just a tap away with an application that can help you find the best doctors in your area.



User and Service Provider Android Application

User and Service Provider iOS Application

User Website

Admin Dashboard

How Does Professional All-In-One Services App Work?



The user places a service request with a service provider.

Service Provider executes the service request.

User pays through one of the many payment options.

The user reviews the service and provides feedback.

Customer Application


Dedicated application for users to book service requests from categorized services.

Provider Application


Dedicated application for service providers to access a list of the service requests and their execution.

Premier Features Of Professional Services All-In-One App


Features that provide premium user experiences and seamless business operation.

Multiple-Pricing options

We provide pricing features in the dashboard that allows admin to set pricing according to their business requirements. Pricing can be set as fixed or based on hours of working by this feature.

Multi-Country Support

We provide global solutions to our clients by delivering multi-country support for their business expansion and operations. With multi-language support, our solutions provide seamless native support to the client’s business.

Multi-City Access

This feature helps admin to monitor and manage business across cities to make their business more profitable by having control over various aspects through centralized access.

Multi-Language Support

Both the dedicated apps for provider and consumer has multiple-language support to enhance the user experience and deliver a seamless app navigation to the users and providers.

Provider Availability Management

Providers can choose their working hours and schedule service requests with convenient management options to choose from through an in-app calendar integrated within the application.

Complimentary Features

We provide premium features with some complementary features that can enhance the entire user experience.

Payment Gateway

We provide different payment gateways according to your business requirements with Stripe being the default payment gateway already provided within the app.

App Color & Logo Change

We provide extensive design options with app color code and app logo customizations according to your requirements to design the app your way.

Language Change

We deliver native business opportunities with language change options to support your business across several demographics.

Currency Change

We provide a currency change option for multi-country business solutions to our clients for smooth and hassle-free transactions.

User Website


A web-portal that allows users to book services and promote business through online marketing solutions.

Admin Panel


Admin panel that provides complete monitoring and control solutions for business operations.

Dive Into Our All In One Service Solution


Take a ride through our all in one service solutions to understand the workflow and get answers to your questions.

User & Provider App Workflow

Catch the live demo and visual workflow provided by us, to get an idea about the application’s process to meet the requirements of users and providers.

User Website

A visual workflow to make you familiar with the user website that allows users to book service requests from a categorized list of services and service providers.

Admin Console Flow

A view of the admin console to let you get a grasp on the operational capabilities of the console through control and management features with premium features.

Business Model

Strategize your business model based on popular handyman service app-based business model, customer relationship and earning structure.

Pricing Table

Know the pricing structure to own a white-label on-demand all in one service application solution customized specifically for your business requirements.

Algorithm We Use


“X”-Nearest Service Provider Algorithm

Admin can set the “X” number of people which indicates the nearby “X” number of service providers who will receive the service requests.

For Example, if X is set to 2, then only two nearby service providers will receive the service requests placed by a user.

Some of our special qualities


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide AndroidOS and iOS native apps?

We provide applications on AndroidOS and iOS with a native approach. We develop applications on the Java platform for AndroidOS with agile technologies like Nodejs. We use objective-c on the Xcode platform to develop seamless native iOS apps.

Which license is provided with the product?

We provide a single-user license with the product which can be used for a single business only, if you want a license for multi-business purposes then please contact

What are the payment options provided with the solution?

We provide various convenient online and offline payment options for users and providers to receive payments. We use Stripe as a default payment gateway, however the same can be changed as per your business requirement.

Do you provide free after-sales support for the product?

We support crash and issue solutions including updating the applications according to the OS updates (if required) for 3 months past the sale of a product, excluding feature addition requests.

Is there an option available for support after the free period?

We provide paid support packages under which we offer extensive services to our clients. You can get in touch with us at to discuss and we will keep on supporting your company with continued technical support. We would love to be the driving force behind your enterprise!

Do you provide customization for features?

Yes, we provide, custom feature additions along with all-in-one solutions. You can get an estimate for adding custom features to your application by reaching us at