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User App

The user app lets the users get more than one benefit from a long list of categories for each vertical. All the absolute elements and sections are incorporated, making it customer-friendly and giving an articulate workflow to access the benefits, which is also compatible with any device. Here are a few characteristics of the user app.

  • Chooose service category
  • Scheduled or instant requests
  • Track service/delivery
  • Checkout Screen
  • Invoice Generation

For the favorite merchants, consumers can forge a list separately, so they can refer them to order from any next time eliminating surfing.

User Panel

Users are given the panel with more than one access to their account to order or reserve as per their requirements by accessing the merchant’s menu within the panel. All the traits are equivalent to the app and, therefore, can determine any of them. Here are a few of the user panels.

  • Repeat or customize
  • Order history
  • Favorite merchant list
  • Edit delivery details
  • Manage in cart

For the favorite merchants, consumers can forge a list separately, so they can refer them to order from any next time eliminating surfing.

Merchant App

Merchants are the storefronts that offer services like grocery, medicine, food, beverage, etc., those who offer home services like cleaning, electricians, etc., and also those companies that allow booking appointments online. A dedicated module to handle the orders and delivery services assigned to providers and record all the data about it and the consumers. They can control the entire business within the app. Here are a few features of the merchant app:

  • Accept Or Reject Orders
  • Edit Order
  • Order history
  • Assign to provider
  • Analyze feedback

Comments from the delivery service, orders are received by the merchants which could be used for the purpose of enhancing the services.

Merchant Panel

Convenience in managing merchant’s tasks online. Take charge of your customers, orders, service lists or menu, etc., within the panel. It gives permission to perform the tasks any time they want. Keeps all the records in the platform eliminating manual paper work and the errors that come from that. Here are a few attributes of the merchant panel.

  • Order List
  • Add Documents
  • Earnings
  • Order Cancellation Setting

Merchants are allowed to set the order cancellation policy where they can take compensation fees and cancellation expenses.

Partner App

Partner app is for those who facilitate delivery, conveyances, or services, where they can receive order requests, perform them with the inclined characteristics, and settle the payments with them. The apps give real-time status for the updates of the notifications. Here are a few traits of the partner app:

  • Accept of refuse requests
  • Set availability
  • Submit invoices
  • Customer reviews
  • Earnings

Partners can analyze their history of tasks and earnings, also divided into weekly and monthly analyses and one that is all over profits in the business.

Admin Panel

The entire business is tracked in one single dashboard, whether it is governing all the tasks online like users, earnings, prices, services, locations, and many more. It automates business tasks such as handling the business in multiple locations all in one platform no matter different city or country.

  • Assign requests
  • Add country
  • Set fees
  • Approve users
  • Approve wallet requests

Merchant and partners have to send the request to the admin, and then on approval, they can use the wallet for payments to their bank accounts.

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