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Enhance the user experience of your delivery service with our masterfully crafted E-delivery app solution dedicated to helping you serve your customer base more efficiently. E-delivery helps you extend your limits and assures exponential business growth with its intuitive features dedicated to maximizing the performance of your company.

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How E-delivery Functions?

E-delivery provides the best conduit using our proprietary software to ensure your business if working as efficiently as possible.



Select Type of Product

Find Nearby Provider Stores



Place/Schedule an Order

Pay Service Charges



Order Gets Delivered to Customers

Modules Included in E-delivery App Solution


User Android & iOS Application

Provider Android & iOS Application

Store Android & iOS Application

User Panel

Store Panel

Admin Dashboard

User Application

Offer Excellent Services to All Users Through an Interactive and Dedicated App.


Social Login

Users are provided with easier login facility by linking their social media accounts with the app.

Payment Method

Users can choose their preferred payment method including cash on delivery.

Schedule Orders

Users can schedule their order in advance using the app or choose to order right away.

Referral Share

Users can share referral codes through social media to receive discounts on delivery prices.

Search Outlets

Users can search for a particular outlet or can view nearby outlets on the user app.

Provider Application

Ensure Efficient Deliveries with Dedicated Provider App to Offer Faster Services.


Upload Documents

Providers must upload their required documents to get approved as a provider.

Reject a Request

Providers can reject a delivery request by providing a valid reason for rejecting it.

Create Profile

Once providers get verified, they can create their professional profile that gets viewed by users on the entire system.

Route Optimization

Providers can reach users’ specified locations on time with the optimized route shown in the app.

On/Off Services

Providers can choose to switch their services on or off according to their availability from the app.

Store Application

Manage Incoming Orders Efficiently with the Store App from Anywhere.


Product Availability

Stores can choose to make a product available online according to their store availability.

Minimum Order Prices

Stores can set a minimum order amount for users to follow in their ordering services.

Order History

Stores can view and maintain the order history on their app and filter through to search also.

Extra Charges

Stores can choose to set extra charges on orders according to expenses incurred.

Earning Statistics

Stores can view their earning statistics daily, weekly or monthly in the app.

Experience How E-delivery Works to Provide Awesome Results for Your Business

User Panel

Allow Users to Place Order Easily Through Web.


Provide Feedback

Users can provide their feedback on services received on a scale of five stars or write a review.

Add to Cart

Users can add items to the cart and go to the checkout process to place an order.

Add Favorite

Users can add a particular item to their favorites and create a list of favorites on the panel.

Store Panel

Access All Order Details Through Web Panel to Efficiently Manage Business.


Manage Products

Stores can manage all product details through the web panel to ensure efficiency.


Stores can add and select categories/subcategories in the product details they provide.

Store Settings

Stores can manage extra service charges and item availability through store settings.

Admin Panel

Manage and Monitor Every Business Activity Extensively and with Ease.


Manage Vehicles

Admin can manage the types of the delivery vehicle and also set charges according to vehicle type.

Push Notifications

Admin can send push notifications to users’ devices to inform them of important events.

Add Cities

Managing and expanding your business over multiple cities is made easy with this feature.

Complimentary Features

We Integrate Features That Provide Excellent Services to Your Users and Helps to Ensure Your Business Growth.

Premier Features of Our E-delivery Application

Crucial Features of E-delivery That Help You Re-Define and Improve Business Efficiency.


Set Item Modifiers

Admin can limit the item modifier quantity and can set them as customized according to the store’s needs.

Multiple Delivery Services

Providers can choose to deliver multiple orders if they are along the same route to earn more and to promote faster delivery.

Delivery Code Confirmation

Stores and providers are given a unique code that is required to be verified at delivery pickup to ensure efficiency.

In-app Wallet

We integrate an in-app wallet that lets app users add and use money directly from the wallet without having to switch apps.

Set Price per Vehicle

Admin can set a different delivery price per vehicle and charge users accordingly for the order they place through the system.

Promote Stores

Admin can enable promotions and advertisements in the system and promote the stores by charging a certain amount.

Explore Our E-delivery App Solution

Gain Insights into How E-delivery Works to Assure Your Business Growth.


E-delivery App Work Flow

Understand how each app module works to provide excellent results for your users every time.

User Web Console

We provide an excellent web console that enables users to place orders through the web efficiently.

User Application

View how users can access the delivery services of yours through the dedicated app solution.

Store Web Console

View how stores can manage every business operation through the store panel provided.

Provider Application

Know how providers can ensure efficient delivery services to each user through the app.

Admin Dashboard

Know how admin can efficiently monitor business operations and ensure business growth.

Store Application

View the store app that provides efficient controls to stores and supports managing the products and earnings.

Business Model

Understand the business model which derives business expansion and growth through the delivery apps.



Frequently Asked Questions


Which is The Default Payment Gateway in Application?

We have integrated Stripe as our default payment gateway. However, we also provide other payment providers to cater to a custom payment gateway for purchasers.

What is Included in The 3-Months Free Support Period?

App crashes and bug fixes are included in the free support period. Also, we update the app according to operating system changes during this time. However, we charge extra for custom feature additions.

Are Android And iOS Applications Native?

Yes, both Android and iOS applications are native. The Android app is developed using Java in the Android Studio and the iOS app is developed using Objective-C in XCode.

Which Licence is Given With The Purchase?

Purchasers are given a single-user license which gives them permission to use the product for a single business only. If you wish to use the product for multiple businesses, please reach us to learn more at sales@app-swarm.com

Is Support Available After The Free Support Period Ends?

Yes. We also offer excellent paid technical support packages and if you are eager to know more please contact us at sales@app-swarm.com

Do You Support Custom Feature Additions in a Purchased Solution?

We support custom feature additions for our purchasers and can integrate their desired features. To get a quote and to receive more info, please contact us at sales@app-swarm.com