Booster Funder & How It Works

Start your own Booster funder campaign by following these steps

Step 1: Click on “Create Account” on top menu bar

Step 2: Create your own profile user name

Step 3: Give your campaign a name

Step 4: Start building your booster campaign

Step 5: Post campaign live

Step 6: Promote out to friends and family through social media, texts, and emails

….it’s that simple!!!

Pricing Fees

Booster Funder charges 7% of any funds raised through campaign + credit card processing fees



Booster Funder

AppSwarm, Inc. (SWRM), a technology company specializing in the accelerated development and publishing of mobile apps, announces the launch of its new scholastic crowdfunding platform called Booster Funder just in time for the ‘Back to School’ season.

Increasingly teachers, school librarians, coaches and other educators who work directly with students have been turning to crowdfunding to raise money for supplies, special projects, and other items for their students. Booster Funder is focused on providing a platform specifically for the rapidly growing area of scholastic fundraising for school projects.

Booster Funder can be used to raise funding for projects such as

– School Supplies
– Arts and Craft Events
– School Clubs
– Sports Team Uniforms and Equipment
– Dance and Performance Arts
– New Computers for Classroom

In addition to these projects, Booster Funder could also be used to raise funds for student causes such as tuition and scholarship assistance for promising students looking to achieve their dreams.

Raise Funding Within Your Community

Crowdfunding takes away some of the inequities that exist when schools in more affluent areas are able to raise funds from parent organizations or community members to supplement the classroom, cover extracurricular activities, or provide additional enrichment.

Fundraising campaigns can offer benefits for different level contributions, such as hats, t-shirts, or school banners based on the level of donations received to help build branding and community spirit around their campaign to their donors.

Campaigns can also provide detailed info on their projects, along with photos and videos to assist them in raising the funds they seek for the project.

Future Enhancements

AppSwarm will work through rest of the school year to enhance features on the platform, build a sales and customer support team behind the project, and launch a companion mobile app that will assist users in promoting their funding campaigns to friends and family on both their phone, and social media messengers such as Facebook and Instagram.

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