[vc_heading h_size=”h-large” title=”AVENGING SOLDIERS” title_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” divider=”div-between” divider_type=”div-wide” divider_color=”#36353c” alignment=”align-left” css_animation=”right-to-left”]

Players must battle across 8 exciting levels to discover the 3 hidden keys. Shoot the enemies and navigate the platforms – but be quick, you only have so much time to complete the level.

Revolver, Machine Gun, Bazooka, Freeze Gun, Flame Thrower

  • 1st gun is free, gold coins to unlock the rest or find secret boxes on levels to unlock
  • Players get gold coins by…
  • Collect on levels by skilled play
  • In-app purchases to buy more to accelerate game play

1st character for free

  • Use gold coins to unlock other characters
  • 5 Different Guns

8 Levels

  • Different background themes for each one
  • Progressively more difficult
  • Each level played against a timer
  • Players collect gold coins and health by shooting enemies and boxes across the level
  • Collect 3 keys to complete the level
  • 4 Characters to choose from

How to Play

  • Control the soldier by tapping buttons on the bottom of the screen. Make him move forward, back, jump and fire his weapon.
  • Collect as many coins as possible to upgrade characters and weapons.
  • Find secrets and unlock extras to get the most out of the game.

With 4 different characters and 5 weapons to choose from, Avenging Soldiers will keep you coming back for more!