TULSA, OK–(Marketwired – May 31, 2017) – AppSwarm, Corp (OTC PINK: SWRM) a company that focuses on the acquisition and development of application-based technologies, has announced a joint venture with Yam Yam Mobile to finalize an educationally rich virtual reality game centered around bees.

Ronald Brewer, CEO of AppSwarm, Inc. stated, “With our in-house focus heavily on VR we have teamed up with seasoned gaming development company, Yam Yam Mobile (www.yamyammobile.com). Yam Yam’s Chief Executive Officer specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Psychology (computer/machine learning), and has over 25 years of experience in game and application development. For the last decade, he has worked almost exclusively in the mobile app development sector and has brought many products to iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows marketplaces. Further, he has worked directly with such prestigious companies as Virgin Interactive and Philips. We know we are in more than competent hands with Yam Yam.”

About the game:

The current beta version starts with the player inside the beehive and with the incredible immersive graphics it allows you to actually fly from the bee’s perspective into a park-like setting. Through this technology, you are able to pollinate flowers and return to the hive. As the game continues to evolve, we are working towards a point based game. To receive points you must pollinate flowers and bring the most pollen to the hive. Our aim is to challenge and educate the player through content-rich graphics and game-play.

Inspiration for the app:
The problem of bee decline

Since the late 1990s, beekeepers around the world have observed the mysterious and sudden disappearance of bees, and report unusually high rates of decline in honeybee colonies.

Bees make more than honey — they are key to food production because through crop pollination. Bumblebees, other wild bees, and insects like butterflies, wasps, and flies all provide valuable pollination services. A third of the food that we eat depends on pollinating insects: vegetables like zucchini, fruits like apricot, nuts like almonds, spices like coriander, edible oils like canola, and many more. In Europe alone, the growth of over 4,000 vegetables depends on the essential work of pollinators. But currently, more and more bees are dying. The bee decline affects mankind too. Our lives depend on theirs.

The virtual and augmented reality industry is just starting to fully launch. According to research from the International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide revenues for the augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) market is forecast to grow from $5.2 billion in 2016 to more than $162 billion in 2020. Source ~ VRScout, Inc.

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