MEDIAPLAY Interactive is a multiplatform games publisher with a special focus on Free-to-Play mobile games. The company is made up of industry veterans who have over 100 years combined experience and collectively have launched over 7 companies with several exits and have worked in executive positions with some of the largest gaming companies in the world, including EA and Activision.

MEDIAPLAY has developed relationships and goodwill throughout the games industry and brings along with it a talented team, a wealth of experience and potential agreements with powerful brands as part of its strategy.

MEDIAPLAY was formed from the core team that created and managed TAPSTAR INTERACTIVE, a successful mobile Publisher that was founded in 2012. TAPSTAR grew organically through the development of some of its own products and through 3rd party acquisitions on branded games. The company had critical success having many of its games featured multiple times by Apple and several by Google. The company was acquired in 2016 by another publisher.

Our team enjoys excellent relationships with major media companies and we look to utilize these relationships in developing great new games based on branded entertainment.

MEDIAPLAY Executive Management
Chris Gray – President of Studios

Chris is a 30 year veteran of the video game industry, beginning by co-creating the classic “Boulder Dash” game in the late 1980’s. More recently Chris served for10 years as VP & Executive Producer at Electronic Arts. Chris has lead game teams as large as 150 people, on virtually every significant game platform of the past three decades.

Steve Wall – President of Publishing

Steve is a 23 year industry veteran, having founded or co-founded five game companies including Strategy First, in 1991. As President of multiple publishers, Steve has overseen the launch of over 600 games including first releases from companies such as;, Paradox Interactive, Starbreeze, Techland, Slitherline and many others.